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Empower your client without extending your staff.

Give worksite managers and employees the ability to view, create and maintain payroll, benefits and HR information in real time.






Combine the accessibility of the Internet with the power of HRPyramid and you have fully on-demand, real-time client self-service; also available on mobile devices.

Managers can control how much information employees access, while all information remains on the HRPyramid secure server.

Links, logos, emails and reporting are just a few ways you can custom brand your client's self-service portal. HRPyramid makes it easy to give your clients what they want.

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Not all web self-service software is created alike.


HRPyramid provides professional management options, streamlined layout, and powerful back-end technology. Real-time data and multiple login security levels give your PEO a competitive advantage in client information delivery.




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